Did You Say Stick To Your Guns?


I have a confession to make…

I personally, am not a fan of All for Nothing.


Before you start ranting and violently hauling curse words…

I would like to add that I mean no offense (for what it’s worth). I respect the band and deeply appreciate efforts Hardcore Help Foundation and Rock Society of Kenya are making to globalize our scene.

However, I tend to be an irritatingly choosy listener. Vocals are everything to me (breakdowns too, of course). And Cindy’s – or so I recall – just doesn’t do it for me.

Anyway, enough with the sob stories. Let’s get to the real shit…

I was online the other day, hands in pants – NOT watching porn – then this happens.

No, I did not squirt you pervert.

I came across this “post-slash-invite” promoting an American band due to perform in Nairobi sometime around March.

“What band?” you ask.


Stick To Your Guns.


Well… for starters, the name can literally be translated to mean Fuck It. A quick search on YouTube is all it takes. And you realize that you are on to something mind-blowingly awesome.

Yes, Raj … just like an orgasm.

The music is heavily hardcore-influenced. But is complimented with breathtaking melodies and addictive riffs. It is meticulously fused with these metalcore aspects, in a way that is brain-fuckingly ingenious.

The word you are looking for right now is Eargasmic.

The general sound is dynamic and has a feel reminiscent of A Day To Remember.

Another confession?

I just love them because they sound a teeny-weeny bit like the old Motionless In White (before the Reincarnate bullshit) – yes homo Chris Motionless – Fuck! Am I cheating on Varg Vikernes?

So hard to choose – not the dick-typa hard – the difficult type, you know?

Well, this is awkward.


If Century Media and Sumerian thought this band was worth signing, then the case is fucking closed. These labels may not be Nuclear Blast and shit, but they are still big names nonetheless. Especially in the HEAVY METAL industry.

Panty Droppers such as Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris, Arch Enemy and Suicide Silence are some of the acts associated with these labels. So, yes. It is a huge freaking deal.

Think of it this way – a band that has probably shared a studio session with Suicide fucking Silence – hopefully Mitch Lucker – coming to Kenya.

Heck, Suicide Silence might even be the next in line. And Bizarro might finally get the chance to legitimately show off his awesome tee – or finally even get a band – hahaha.

See what I mean?

The possibilities at this point are quite promising. Since Kenya seems to be the go-to destination.

And what is my problem and not coming to gigs?

I know. It is called Enochlophobia (just check it up, instead of acting all smart and shit!).

There is a fix I normally take, containing loads of ethanol. But I tend to over-indulge, ending up in another dimension (probably a ditch somewhere). Or forgetting the thingy altogether.

And as you may have guessed…

Everything in the previous paragraph is bullshit. A good excuse though – even worthy of that “poetry award thingy” – so quite being a damn judgmental bitch – asshole. *that did not sound right*


That is why on 25th March at Alchemist Bar, the Kenyan METAL scene is officially going berserk. Just like Matiangi.


  • Ignore everything I said, Kenyan METALheads are awesome – though most of you be ugly as fuck – I mean, look at me for instance.
  • Pombe sio ya mamako … share the booze.
  • Bangi sio Weetabix. Vuta na Umati.


May THE FORCE be with you.


Check out my favorite tracks from these guys:

Here is another:

And yet another:



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Even the cat agrees.

2 thoughts on “Did You Say Stick To Your Guns?

Add yours

  1. I understand hardcore and punk isnt for everyone. ‘All For Nothing’ were incredible live. One of the best experiences I’ve had at a show. Im sure your opinion of them would have been different if you were there. I dont mind their recorded material but live they are incredible.

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