In comes Seeds of Datura!

It’s a normal Tuesday morning and I am in front of my computer working as is the norm when I am actually sober, then this happens!!!! I get a message from the drummer of Seeds of Datura; Lawrence Muchemi, asking me if I could turn up for an indoor hangout. Of course being a recently won-over fan, I accept the offer, secretly thanking fate for dragging me the fuck out of the damn house.
We finally meet up and head back to the guitarist’s place then as luck would have it; a practice session ensues. I am psyched as fuck because now I get to experience live music up-close without all that background noise present in most of our Kenyan clubs, courtesy of poor sound systems. I definitely don’t need to say it, or rather remind you, that these guys are so freaking awesome at what they do. This is particularly true and relatable with those of us who have actually listened to their first and only song so far; what’s a wonderland. The slow and heavily distorted riffs in the jam give a feeling of doom metal with vocal ranges bordering on the lines of deathcore and metalcore. Simple repetitive drum beats make the song even catchier and I am overcome with the impulse to let my neck bang to the rhythm.
Anyway, so I am here sitting in the corner as I keenly watch the masters at work. Oh well, even though Lawrence doesn’t have a drum kit, yet, he made do with the books in his possession. Before this, I actually thought books were only meant for reading but guess they make pretty awesome drums too *insert laugh*. So Lawrence is smashing away at his books (which I highly doubt his lecturer will be very happy about) then here comes Wilson with the mad riffs. This is not just your average guitarist but a really good one for that matter. I had the honor of sampling some of his previously recorded riffs and couldn’t help but ask if he had gone to music school. Well, he has never stepped in a music class for starters, and has been doing this for only three years!!!!Now that is what I call raw fucking talent!
So he is completely shredding away at his black electric guitar (which I thought of stealing multiple times in my head I must confess hahaha) then a voice of pure fucking evil captures the freaking air. Who else but Martin Kanja sets in with his trademark growls that would instantly make an expectant mother have a miscarriage. If you have listened to LOADB’s songs you surely know what I’m talking about. And just like that, these guys come up with a new track idea and immediately start to work on it. As they brainstorm and constantly perfect the idea, I can’t help but think: I am in the presence of greatness. It was clearly evident that these lads are full-time passionate musicians who had an obsession with what they were doing. Everyone seemed to be involved in the music-making and this will definitely be a plus for them since their music will have a sense of diversity. It was quite unfortunate that their bassist; Mordecai Ogayo, was not present and Daniel Otieno, who I believe is the clean vocalist but I hope to meet the whole line-up soon and see what they can do.
The time finally came for me to hit the road but I felt reluctant every time I got on my feet. This music was like heroin and I couldn’t resist but help myself to some more every time I thought I had enough. Finally, though, my urge to go look for alcohol took over but I left there with total respect for what these dudes were trying to accomplish and the giant brass balls they had to actually follow-up on their dreams. Plans for an upcoming album are underway and possibly there will be free merchandise for the fans in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates and keep it fucking METAL folks.

Click the link below to listen to their track:



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