Two New Followers!!!

So this post is dedicated entirely to my followers  and i want to let them know that they are much appreciated and am really honored to think that they even bothered to read my blog let alone follow it. I hope that they will also spread the word and share my self-proclaimed “awesomeness” *smirks* with their friends by sharing my blog posts. I write these posts because am kind of socially-awkward (sad but true) and this is the only way i can communicate to who ever is out there who would care to listen.12b252812529

The world is a very cruel place to exist in but the fact that i can know see a therapist (the internet of course) without paying a dime makes it a little bit tolerable. I have read numerous blog posts and i have learnt a lot from different people with different views; something made only possible by the internet. So this is to you my followers…thank you for sticking around!!!


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