Exclusive Interview with LOADB band manager.

Sometime last week I had the opportunity of listening to the new LOADB jam “Brothel Hell”. What I heard was just too eargasmic and this inspired me to try and find out more on the production of the track considering it was the band’s first release after a rather long absence. So who better to get the news from than LOADB’s manager, Daniel Kobimbo. Find out what Daniel had to say about the band’s future plans and more in my interview with him earlier this week.


So first, please start by introducing yourself?

My name is Daniel Otieno Kobimbo. I am a metalhead from Nairobi, Kenya. I have lots of interests ranging from comic books, history, literature, writing and most importantly music. I am a lawyer by profession. And I like bananas.

Hahaha a ‘minions’ fan i see. So how long have you been with the band as their manager?

Well, I joined the band in November 2015. Back then I had no idea what the structure of the band was or where it was headed. When I joined it hit me like a gust of wind in the face. I have never managed anything except my own finances and plans so this was a totally new experience for me. Back then I had no idea what I was doing so I just poured into books and asked for some advice from Mariam Ahmed who has managed Rash and is now managing culture horizon. I tried lots of things many of which didn’t work because I was naive but I’ve learned from my experience and those of other bands and I am using that as motivation for all the steps we’re taking as a band.

I sort of also molded my own ideologies for LOADB around its regeneration. So I did things like re-branding. Social media is a very crucial aspect so I had to go about building on the online presence that the band already had.

Daniel Kobimbo of LOADB
Mariam Ahmed (formerly of Rash)


Last material by you guys was the Cat of Nine Tails album in 2012 right?

Well yes and no. Yes because Cat of Nine Tails was the last and only album by the band so far. No because the latest material up until “Brothel Hell” was Divine Design which you can find on our soundcloud account. Martin Kanja also did a single with Leon Malu of Mortal Soul called ‘From One Hen to Another’ which we will be featuring on the EP.

Leon Malu of Mortal Soul


Martin Kanja of LOADB

Click the link below to listen to some tracks by LOADB and don’t forget to follow them:

Why the long silence?

I haven’t been in the band that long to give you my perspective on the band’s hiatus. But the long and short of this is that people felt the need to go on a path of self-discovery. When you are in a band you tend to think as a collective mind. When you are in that state for long you tend to find yourself disillusioned and lost to yourself. So you may find people leaving or putting the music on a pause to go achieve their individual dreams. Other factors also came in. Some people needed to continue their studies and others needed to focus on their professional careers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because when you come back to making music you do so having grown. You approach things with a new vision as long as you never lost your sense of wonder while away it could mean tremendous progress for the band, the scene and music in general.

What was the band up to during this period of temporary hiatus?

People went on with their daily lives. Again I can’t speak for everyone, but it was what you would be doing if you weren’t doing music. You would be building your career, focusing on raising family and furthering your education.

Interesting, but can you say that this temporary withdrawal from active music has affected the band? Please mention in what way the band has been affected, both positives and negatives.

I think it did affect the band both negatively and positively. I think the time the band went quiet was a time when they had just released their EP ‘cat of nine tails’. That period after an album is released is very crucial and has to be nurtured carefully. That is when you start attracting attention from new quarters, when interests from people impressed with your music start to show up. Personally, it’s a negative because that drop-off at that time was unfortunate because then the band loses out on the traction that the EP created at that time and when you come back, you are starting from square one. On the other hand it is a positive because it gives every individual the opportunity to reassess their commitment to the music, whether this is really what you want to do and if it is then you come back and do what you love. And if you don’t want to then the better for both you and the band because you are at peace with yourself and the band doesn’t have to be dragging around deadwood.

The band recently released a new single; please give us an insight on the inspirations that led to the production of this jam?

Brothel Hell was inspired largely by the opportunity for making music. We found it hard for a long while to find a place where we could express ourselves creatively. Getting studio time is an expensive endeavor and it hindered progress for so long. So when we finally stumbled upon the opportunity of affordable studio time things just blew up. We found a producer that suited our circumstances at the time and the flexibility with which we could work on material really inspired the band.

Secondly, brothel hell is a testament to where we are from as a band. The concept of the EP was conceived in the hiatus that the band went through and we have seen that moment in our lives as a sort of death. This EP therefore harbors the concepts of death, resurrection and progress. Brothel Hell indeed is the ideal stepping stone into the narrative that the band is weaving. We start on the threshold of death rearing her ugly head. Death is on our path to redemption and purity; we find it along the path. That is the threshold that the song traverses. That is its part in the larger narrative that is ‘pyramid entities’.

Equating your hiatus to death itself is a really creative way of looking at things considering they both involve an absence of something/someone hence reincarnations, which give birth to new beginnings. This therefore brings me to my next question. I noticed the sound of the band is a bit different too in the latest single, any comments on that?

It is and it is curious that you pointed that out. Going on hiatus or experiencing death as it were would be pointless if one didn’t come out of that having been changed or transformed. Death is of course a process of change in the wave of existence. We felt and at times we couldn’t escape the new ways in which we find ourselves expressing our ideas. That being said, our roots in Death Metal aren’t lost on us because there are fans that loved Cat of Nine Tails and we don’t want to completely lose them.

Its really encouraging to know that most of your decisions are made in consideration to your fans’ interests. Talking about the fans, should we expect any more songs in this EP?

That will depend on a number of factors but I think it is fair in the grander scheme that at least one more song is released, but not too many because then we will be doing ourselves a disservice since no one will see the need to buy the album. Our goal ultimately is to make music that sticks like mud on the wall, something that is worthy of our fans and our country. In this album I think it is safe to say that we are ultimately motivated to pay homage to our roots as an African people.

If yes, any news on the date of the next release?

I can’t make any remarks on that but we hope sooner rather than later we will be able to release some more music. The dates have not been decided on.

Since the latest song has some sort of a black metal atmosphere and even a Born of Osiris feel in some instances, is it safe to assume that LOADB might finally be experimenting with new sub-genres apart from deathmetal/deathcore? (If yes, give a preview on some of the sub-genres we should expect to hear from them in the near future).

I would like to point out that yes the band is looking beyond those ‘styles’ as I would prefer to call them. We are constantly brainstorming new ideas that touch on various forms of metal and even other degrees of music. Making a list of those will probably not be the best thing to do because then we take away the surprise element, and no one wants to spoil a surprise. But I believe you will be seeing very little if nothing of deathcore at least.

Hahaha yes, of course no one wants to be a spoiler of surprises…so I guess we will just have to wait. And now that you guys are back after a long hiatus, any changes in the band line-up we should know of?

The band evolves with time and that means some people may have to leave. Larry Kim is no longer with the band he is doing awesome stuff with In Oath at the moment. Sam Kiranga also left the band. But dynamics of bands in the scene is that people are always streaming in and out of bands. Sometimes it is out of convenience, since we have to make music and we cannot be held back by the absence of one individual. We always leave space for people who want to work with us to do so. We have a new drummer but won’t be revealing his identity till we release the EP. There is also a second vocalist and someone on violins. But yes, the makeup of the band is always evolving depending on the circumstances.

LOADB Original band line-up

Awesome! Looks like we are in for a treat! Now, I know everyone is asking themselves this and that’s why I saved the best for last. Are you guys back in active music for good this time and should we expect more live performances from you in future METAL gigs?

For the moment we have had to put that on hold until we have the issue with personnel sorted. We are keen on doing shows but not this year at least.

Thanks for your time Daniel, it was a pleasure?

The pleasure is all mine.

So there you have it folks, looks like LOADB despite the hurdles and trials life has thrown their way, has some unfinished business in store for its fans. We really appreciate the effort they are putting in to stay alive in the scene and i would like you guys to support the band by buying original LOADB merchandise which is being released soon. Stay tuned to my posts for more  information on how to get the merchandise upon its release.


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