Track Review: Brothel Hell – Lust Of A Dying Breed.


So I just gave the new Lust of a Dying Breed (LOADB) track a listen thanks to a friend giving me a heads up about the release. The track is an intro taken out of the new EP: Pyramid Entities by these Kenyan death metal gods. To confess, I am immediately hooked to this piece and it is on replay as I speak…oh wait, write. They seem to have made this song specifically for me because it covers just about everything I like. It has a black metal feel to begin with and the screams in the background give out the imagery of someone trapped in a psyche ward which I can assure you I totally relate to *laughs hysterically*. The screams I am particularly drawn to though, are the ones near the end that fade with the song rendering a perfectly DSBM atmosphere for us depressed souls. Need i say anything about the album art? well if i have to, then i have only one word to define it…CREATIVE!

Pyramid Entities album artwork

The death metal growls are really heavy and low unlike anything I have ever heard from Kanja before. The thrill that he might be trying new vocal ranges, the heavily distorted guitars and blast beats all in perfect harmony is exceedingly overwhelming and makes me anxious for the release of the full EP. Being an avid sci-fi enthusiast too, I was completely engulfed in the “Transformers” aura created by the repeatedly pulsating robotic sound that makes it feel like it was produced at a recording label somewhere in Cybertron. Hahaha!

Overall, this track is a masterpiece and the different aspects of sounds present in this single track are enough to make you realize the amount of time and effort put into its production. For that we salute and appreciate our Kenyan bands for it shows that they are still considerate about their fans and so in return they always have our full support in their endeavors.

Click the link below to give this track a listen and leave your thoughts in the comments:


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