Self-Healing Factor.



I have always been fascinated, okay let me rephrase that…extremely fascinated by the concept of regeneration. The idea that I can cause all the mayhem I can ever dream of (the first among them being robbing a bank of course) and get fully committed in my insatiable craving for mischief and daredevil-ish escapades but still walk away without a scratch is just beyond all I can ever wish for! Okay, maybe not entirely without a scratch but you get what I mean? I guess by now you have grasped the idea that am a natural-born villain even though that entirely depends on the perspective you are looking at it from. From a moral perspective *read religious* it will seem evil beyond all thoughts but then again, am not a very religious guy. See? All about perspective. Anyway, regeneration is only possible due to the actions of cells known as stem cells that can morph into almost 30 different varieties of cells in the body. They have the ability to self-repair. How a lizard’s limb or tail is able to grow back after amputation? Yes, you guessed that right; definitely due to the “magic” of these microscopic freaks of nature.

regeneration in a lizard


This is starting to sound like my biology classes in high school; which were ironically spent in slumber land; but at least now we know I retained quite a bit (enough to help me write this post LOL). In my defense though, being a science freak I have the right to have a little bit of nerdgasm in this post, right? Anyway, these cells are even thought to be able to slow down the rate and effects of aging which coincidentally seems to be a common trait in most of my friends; who also happened to be in comic books somehow (don’t judge me). This brings me to the actual point of writing this post, superheroes and villains with extra-ordinary self-healing capabilities and how far off humans are to attaining these abilities.



In comes this blood-thirsty beast who actually looks more of a werewolf than a saber-toothed tiger contrary to what the name might imply; his most recognizable trait being loathing Wolverine with a passion.





As most recruits of the Weapon X program, Sabretooth shows a remarkable healing factor and has a not-so-good temperament. Unlike, the Wolverine who tries to behave at times, Sabretooth is a pure animal who has fully realized and embraced his rabid potential. He is a relentless assassin who has sometimes been portrayed as killing for pleasure. His favorite sport is to hunt Wolverine on his birthday with the intention of fighting him which he has also greatly succeeded at. He has actually come close to killing the Wolverine multiple times and that fact alone is sufficient enough to earn him a sport in this list.


  1. X23


X23 meets Wolverine


Ever heard the stereotype; women are complicated? Well, this one is not. You on her kill list, you die. You piss her off, you are dead. Heck! She might even kill you for just looking her direction! Hahaha…okay, I am not sure about the last one anymore; now that she is rolling with the X-men but she most certainly would when she was still under the influence of the Facility. She was born from a damaged (take note, this chick was already damaged before even her conception! badass!) genome sample of the wolverine. Quick thought: does that make her his daughter? *whoa! Mind=blown!*. Anyway, she is a clone of the wolverine only with two adamantium claws retracting into each of her forearm instead of three and another single one on each foot. She possess most or even similar regenerative abilities and being a product of the infamous Weapon X program and still Logan’s clone at the same time gives you a rough idea of why she will be the only woman in this list.



Not much can be said about him as his legend speaks for itself. This is a guy who has been to hell and back in all its literal sense! He might be volatile and extremely difficult to work with but he surely packs a punch *pun unintended* when he is on your side.



The Wolverine


Here is one of my most favorite characters of all times especially in the field of regenesis. He is among the first characters to introduce the concept of a fast healing factor in a way I could easily relate to (being a man and all you know?). This dude always seems to have a bad attitude and is always misunderstood and sometimes even referred to as a “feral” animal! He has had a string of failed love relationships and is always consumed in his personal woes (even being possessed by demons at one time) that appear to be never-ending. Seriously, I will stop now because the more I write about him the more of me I see in him, that is except the claws of course, lest everyone who has ever wronged me would be dead by now *smirks*.


  1. HULK




Hulk is just mean and utterly uncontrollable when angry. He is super-strong and anything that emits gamma radiation makes him stronger. Hulk feeds off his anger meaning you make Hulk angry, Hulk smashes. I can’t say Hulk has a healing factor as such but rather more of being an indestructible green pile of muscle which is a totally different ball game though he is bad-ass meaning bullets and explosions don’t do shit to him so he makes the cut!



Considering that this dude beat the Hulk unconscious he definitely makes the cut by default. Juggernaut is so virtually invulnerable his only weakness is his mind which I believe is a problem everyone (maybe except Professor Xavier) is dealing with. He has since adopted his head gear to solve that problem making him a force that can not be stopped once it’s on the move. This guy can literally smash through anything and does not even suffer physical exhaustion no matter how long he exerts himself. As if that’s not enough already he has a protective force field around him that aids to deflect any blows even from Thor’s hammer! Beat that!






We all saw this coming! This psycho can literally live through anything. He has been in situations where he had to amputate his arm and what do you know? He was crazy enough to cut it off but what’s even crazier is that the darn thing fucking grew back in place like nothing ever happened.




We all know you can blow this guy into pieces and sooner or later, no matter how long it takes, he will bounce back up running his mouth with sarcastic humor and a thirst for “friendly vengeance” to make you pay. His head was literally blown off and he still came back from that and this is why he takes the throne. He truly is the King of Regenesis.

This said, efforts are being made to harness the wonders of stem cells and a few experiments carried out on lab rats have actually been successful at re-growing back amputated body parts in these specimens. Tests on human subjects have not been performed yet but the future seems hopeful and soon physical disability might be a thing of the past if tests are proved successful in human subjects. Soon, most of us might just possess superhuman abilities if this hurdle can be overcome. Now that is something I would wish to live to experience…I might just mutate to a supervillian, who knows muhahahahaha!



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