Run Barry… Run!



Warning: This article contains a lot of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Okay, now that I have gotten the spoilers part over with, this season had started off on a good trajectory. Overall, I can say it sucked more than it was fascinating because of a simple recurring factor that I shall state at the end of this article. Well, maybe “sucked” is too strong a word but the point am trying to put across is that it was rather mediocre than expected. At the beginning we see that Barry Allen has somehow managed to prove his dad’s innocence exonerating him from a crime he was wrongly accused of; which ironically happens to be the murder of his own wife…Barry’s mum that is, in case you not up to speed yet (pun unintended). It’s all good to this point as Barry goes on to put his daddy issues behind and focuses on being the hero we all came around to watch in the first place. But then his escapades as the Flash have lead to some dire repercussions including a portal to another universe looming over Central City. As usual he has a competent team (Dr. Wells, Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris, Joe, Jesse and somehow Wally) around him who according to me are the real heroes of this show especially my boy Ramone!!!

cisco and reverb.jpg

Cisco and his doppelganger Reverb

Cisco is basically one of the most influential if not the strongest (my opinion by the way) character besides Harrison Wells who has been revived in this season as a doppelganger from the alternate universe commonly referred to in the show as Earth Two. The emergence of these alternate dimensions has beautifully introduced the concept of a multi-verse and time dilation at light speed. I was mostly impressed by the concept of a time variant. This is where by if you run fast enough, you can actually go in the past and make an exact replica of yourself. As trippy as this might sound, it is actually theoretically possible at least in the field of quantum mechanics. All this bends time in one way or another hence the concept of time dilation.

Then in comes another super villain who coincidentally also happens to be a speedster hence perfectly filling the gap of the Reverse-Flash or even exceeding all expectations you might say. Like all other villains he is obsessed with ending the Flash of course but even better because he wants to make him miserable first and unmasked him as a hoax before doing away with him. He even believes him and the Flash have the same darkness within considering their troubled childhoods and surprisingly almost similar experiences which arouses the feeling that their destinies might actually be intertwined and Zoom (yes, that’s the super villain’s name) might not be that crazy after all. Zoom’s face is that only seen in nightmares amidst the memories of a PSTD patient. He looks like a mix between the Bogeyman and Voldemort with a hint of the Batman but faster…way faster. He has deep, black menacing eyes and a voice that will rattle you to your core. Zoom played a very major part in the success of this season of the Flash and came with the god-status reputation of bringing Earth Two totally to its knees and even being four times faster than the Flash. His rap-sheet would make El Chapo’s look like child play not mentioning he even drove Dr. Wells’ doppelganger scattering from Earth Two after rescuing his daughter (who was Zoom’s captive) with the help of Team Flash which later came at a cost of Flash losing his powers.



So Flash whines about this for almost a whole episode before Dr. Wells (told you I liked him) comes up with an ingenious solution of replicating all the events that occurred to Barry on the fateful night of the particle accelerator explosion. As always things don’t go as planned and Barry is presumed dead; an assumption that is later disputed by Cisco (see, only the people I like have solutions) when touches the Flash’s suit and gets a vibe that is later interpreted by Wells leading to the knowledge that he was actually in the speed force. Now here is where they totally lost me and to be frank there is no way in this galaxy or the next that I will ever agree with their portrayal of this idea. It just came out as illogical hence fueling my disappointment at the lack of creative effort in this particular section of the series. So Barry is in the speed force right? Then it disguises itself (the speed force) as a person familiar to him and they a conversation, then they compare it to… talking to gravity!!!! I have watched a lot of star wars and it is basically my religion so am quite familiar with the force. Even if not exactly similar, am quite confident that this speed force to a speedster has the almost similar attributes of the force to a Jedi. That said, I just found the whole idea of talking to the speed force really shallow since it’s like more of a sixth sense, a soul even, something within which you feel at your core and it drives you or fuels your cells as Dr. Wells would say. The most you can actually do to manipulate the force is to actually feel it then channel it and let it guide you just like the Jedi do, but talk to it! That is just radical! I find it highly unlikely and something that may only be overlooked in a cartoon where hydrogen molecules in the air can be used by a microwave to magically make any food you order (yes, am talking about Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs).

particle accelerator.jpg

Flash in the particle accelerator

Lastly, this series has developed a trait more irritating than the inaccuracies in the speed force depictions stated above. It threatens to divert from its true scientific path with the constant recurring romantic complications that tend to occupy a lot of the hero’s time. He is has started to appear weaker by the minute owing to the numerous emotional attachments he keeps forming and his terrible willpower that betrays his ability to let go the past. The hero is mostly portrayed as a loving and emotionally unstable character you might only see in romance films or Mexican soap operas. The thought of having a hero with constantly watery eyes gives me nausea owing to the irony of being a ray of hope when things get unbearable. Personally, I wouldn’t want someone who hasn’t kept his own issues under control protecting me since I would never know when he would flip. Anyway, am hopeful they will do better in season three and maintain an interesting plot leaving the lovey-dovey stuff for the soap operas.

crying flash.jpg

Flash on one of his emotional roller-coasters


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