Music knows NO BOUNDARIES.

It’s yet another day. At least today it never rained; not that it makes any difference to me, because i rarely go out during the day and the only light i recognize with well is the bulb at my local tavern. Anyway, i was browsing the Internet today going about my “you-tubing” routine and feeding my insatiable porn addiction then there it was. I had stumbled upon this music mix, don’t know if it really qualifies to be called a treasure (unlike of course METAL) but it was definitely food to my soul. The music was…wait for it…DUB-STEP (giggles). Okay, this might come as a surprise to some people or even stupid to others but this music really connected with me. I even got the hell up and started dancing (it should be noted that am an extremely lazy person). This was utterly strange to me but i decided to just go with it and hope my girl doesn’t walk in on me dancing to this kinda stuff *laughing quietly to myself*.


Classical music. This is the other type of music i came across about three months prior and has officially earned a spot into my play-list. The level of precision and talent that goes into playing the instruments involved in a harmonious rhythm is just jaw-dropping. The structures of the compositions are evidently complex and this can even be heard in how the compositions constantly shift between various melodies and tempos.

This music might not be dance-able (at least not for break dancers) but it sure as hell induces a hypnotic effect and has been proven to increase IQ *looks at break dancers*. Anyway, at least nows life has proven me wrong that you can’t be too METAL for good music. Nobody is immune to the effects of the good melodies and demon-chilling rhythms. No matter what you do, how hard you resist, music will always find something you can relate to and break down those barriers. All said and done though, METAL is still the greatest type of musical form to ever grace this desolate world.


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