METALhead in an unforgiving country.

Another day,  another struggle.  The hardcore help event was so freaking epic (or atleast i heard).  A Traitor Like Judas did not disappoint at all even though a while back when i heard they were gracing us with their presence i was a bit pessimistic let alone that they were from Germany. This is just how much faith i had in our Kenyan METAL scene but all that is bound to change with the success of this single event.
The hardcore help foundation might have just provided our scene with that one extra push into the next phase of our evolution. A while back we had nothing but local bands that weren’t even that organized themselves. All this is evidently a thing of the past though, as the scene is currently flooded with talent (not to imply that there was no talent before) and the sound has profoundly improved.
All these said though, sadly i never attended the hardcore help event due to financial restraints and a little blame can also be attributed to my “excessive” alcohol and drug use (giggles). Anyway, as i said… its comes with the job; just being a METALhead in an unforgiving country. Heard rumours that Parkway Drive might be coming soon for an event here in our own territory. Don’t know the truth behind that but until i confirm it, well, just keep guessing. Stay METAL mates.



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