time to stand up for what we believe in…


“chaos is deprived of much of its imagery and rhetoric become occasions for play…hell becomes the site of a wild, enjoyable party. it symbolizes a refusal to conform to rules of respectability that repress vitality or to submit to those who wish their domination over others”

Deena Weinstein – Heavy Metal the Beast that Refuses to Die

Seth - Egyptian god of chaos Seth – Egyptian god of chaos

It’s been a while since we sat down and did one of these rants and I’ve got to say I can’t quit imagine what the world would be without them. I’m a lawyer and I tend to disagree with everything not taking things at face value. Also I take great offence at not taking risks and being confined to just one corner. I hate mainstream fundamentalists that argue for a meter rule measure of everything from musical taste, to sexuality, indulgence and the color of shoes. I’m…

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