Been a while since i wrote on this blog but something finally has awoken my demons back to life.As you may or may not know (honestly i hardly give a shit),i am a very difficult person to impress.In my opinion,our Kenyan METAL scene has lacked a good event for a while now.A neck-breaking,gut-wrenching,ear-blasting show that will not only give you fucking nightmares to last you a lifetime but will also dismember every bone in your miserable body and leave you weak as fuck the next morning.Oh well,now that we done with the introduction and stuff i know you probably wondering : “which event is this assfuck yapping about?” ;answer: #SatansFuckingDisco.

Now this is one event if you missed this year then you clearly have something to regret about for eternity.I was quite impressed with the turnout this time though as metal-heads made headway to come support the latest band in the scene Irony Destroyed.Lawrence Muchemi really killed it on the vocals backed by Daniel Wanyeki from Aphasia (currently on hiatus) as fans stomped to their slipknot cover of psycho-social.The guitars were over-tuned for a short while due to some minor sound setbacks but their guitarists bounced back and conquered the sound systems like the real pros they are.Now on to the best part…the drummer…truthfully am lost for words!!!!Their was a drum solo (or so i think because i was too drunk) that almost made me pass out,possibly cause hemorrhage…superb work dude,keep it up!

Dorine Mwikali a.k.a dj Atreyu killed it (so i heard;refer to the “being too drunk” text above) right before the band played and honestly set the pace for the show assisted by her counterpart dj Moran..thumbs up.Free cds at the venue dished out by realm of mist studios/Andromeda  was true “spirit of the metal” style and  frankly first i have ever heard of at an event.This goes a long way to show the confidence people are starting to entrust to the growth of our local scene;and we here to tell them we are just getting started.BELIEVE THAT!

In conclusion,thumbs up to the organizers and the whole management at Rumours club for there wonderful service delivery and the perfect venue to raise chaos in the city centre at our FIRST EVER METAL MAYHEM IN CBD.

P/s : i did not pass out in the ladies room this time but i still used it because that’s how i like it! *evil laugh*


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